What They Think of Us Off Earth.

Louisa Oliveros
8 min readJun 17, 2022

An esoteric dialogue.

The Milky Way -Greg Rakozy-, Unsplash.

I have received this dialogue from Europe, from a very dear friend who, like me, is in the esoteric world. In fact, I have received this information from Spain in Spanish and from England in English, which indicates to me it is circulating in several countries.

My English friend received it by WhatsApp. I learned this by asking him who the author of that conversation was, and where he had found it. “A friend in Edinburgh sent it to me,” he replied. In the other case, my first cousin told me it had arrived by e-mail from Mexico, but without names or surnames. In this Spanish version, one of the two people speaking has a Mexican accent. The British version has a strong British accent.

I say this, in case it is someone’s intellectual property and has been circulated by e-mail or WhatsApp without saying so, nobody could accuse me of plagiarizing it. The dialogue is not mine. I have formatted it for publication and then I give my opinions, something totally legitimate.

It is esoteric instruction. It is a dialogue, supposedly, between two beings from another planet, where they comment on the vibratory change originated in this planet Earth. I read many years ago in a book written by an American author, how the forces of the Planetary Regent were protecting the inhabitants of Earth during that difficult period.

As it is a dialogue, I see it fit to identify the two persons as women, giving them the name Thalia and Clio.

Clio. What is the craziest experience you have ever lived?

Thalia. That’s easy. Earth.

Clio. Earth? You went to Earth?

Thalia. Yes, I did.

Clio. I don’t believe you! You were human?

Thalia. Yes, I was.

Clio. Wow. Are the stories about Earth true? Were they really trapped on Earth?

Thalia. Some were. Others were volunteers.

Clio. Did you go to Earth as a volunteer?

Thalia. Yes, I did. I had to. I had a relative trapped on Earth.

Clio. But how can you be trapped on Earth?

Louisa Oliveros

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