We Already Are In January 2021 — Surprises.

The assault on power of a populist.

The beautiful Supreme Court building, Greek style, Washington, D.C.

A terrible afternoon in Washington.

I can’t get over my amazement. I could never imagine Trump could go so far in his lust for power and domination. I didn’t think his evil would go so far.

Last week Washington, the honorable capital of the United States, was in chaos because this individual had harangued his followers to obstruct the Electoral College vote acceptance ceremony and thus officially announce Joe Biden’s victory. Trump’s supporters -let’s say his paid brigades- stormed into the House of Representatives, raising hell and shouting “stop the theft” of the election and “hang Pence”, our calm and moderate Vice-president who didn’t want for any reason whatsoever to do anything against the Law.

Are we really living in the United States of America???

Also today it has been known, the invaders stole documents and electronic material from the Congressmen and Senators, which may endanger some aspects of National Security.

This caused the security services to quickly take Mr. Pence to a safe place and protect the representatives and senators from this horde of miscreants. Because that is what Trump’s followers are: criminals, outcasts. That is all there is to it. No one should believe they are intelligent, educated people, pursuing a political ideal. NO. They are simply the ideological garbage dictators have, those who blindly follow a leader without thinking, the usual fanatics.

Vice-president Pence had already written a letter to Congress making it clear he was not going to complicate things, and his only goal as President of the Senate was to count the votes of the Electoral College and accept reality. But things began to go wrong, when that mob entered Capitol Hill.

After a woman was killed by gunfire (who is still not sure who used it), plus a security guard from the Capitol Security Service, a military veteran of the Air Force, and 3 assailants — 6 dead in all — the “secret” and not-so-secret police of Congress, not without effort, kicked out the intruders and the Mayor of Washington decreed a curfew. Then everyone was safe. In the face of the violence broke out, the President himself ordered the National Guard to intervene and asked his fans to go home, of course without condemning their actions at all, not to mention the casualties. After inciting them to go protest and storm the House semicircle, he then told them to calm down and leave.

This is unforgivable from God.

It is NOT right that a power-hungry paranoid should have put the country in a predicament, just because his pride does not allow him to recognize Americans have not voted for him as much as he would have liked and lost the election, making up all the unimaginable lies later to justify his failure.

The bad news is there were quite a few Republican congressmen and senators who supported the idea of creating a verbal debacle to avoid the official announcement of Joe Biden’s success. I think it is despicable to do that to this country. Nevertheless, it can be said Trump’s move backfired, since his risky maneuver meant that, once the full Congress was able to meet a few hours later, those who were willing to contest the election had changed their minds . . . Well, all of them, . . . but two.

It seems irrational to me the president of a country with a deep democratic tradition from its very inception as the U.S.A., should rely on fanatics, who are not people, they are riffraff.

This brought to my mind a book I read at the beginning of the Trump presidency, entitled “Trump / Russia: A Definite Story” by writer Seth Hettena. It is in every library in all major cities and I guess all over the country. And if not, you can buy it on Amazon and see its very suggestive sales messages, among others: “Uncovering the decades-long partnership between Donald Trump and Russia.”

You can find very interesting information about who was leading this country for four years, and why he is as he is.

More elections.

Meanwhile, the elections for senators in the State of Georgia -which were decisive for the control of the Senate- came to an end, and a few hours later we learned the two Democratic candidates had won.

Aaah! Of course, of course. Was it also fraud?

Not that there had been fraud, Mr. Trump? You have seen there was NOT, because the Republicans lost Georgia again, which proves to anyone who has any head to think, there was NO fraud. Simply the majority of the American people don’t want you as President for another 4 years and for this, we have lost confidence in the Republican Party. Period.

Now we have to see if there is an authority that dictates how to handle the situation and avoid any more blunders, because even if there are only 7 days left, we can expect any bad behavior from that individual. The worst thing about this problem is that this liar-in-chief cares more about his pride, his ego, his will, than he does about the security of this nation and its future. Not to mention the image he is giving to the democratic world ! We will see whether he is capable of doing something horribly harmful to the next government and to Americans. How sad !!

The people we have.

Anyway, even if this mafioso leaves, it is important to remember the disease of authoritarianism is not totally over, since the “virus” is in some other representatives and senators.

While I was reading the news on the Internet — I swallowed them all !! — I was assailed by some questions, albeit without the intention of finding a valid or very logical answer. They simply came to mind, as I learned all the details of what happened in Washington, and the subsequent reactions or thoughts of all the parties involved. I continued reading all the articles in the Internet about that embarrassing afternoon.

I was surprised the Republican congressmen and senators who wanted to avoid official recognition of Biden’s victory had changed their minds so quickly and showed themselves to be in a state of shock and against what a president of their party had done.

At the end of one of the articles, I realized a journalist with much more experience than I have, had asked himself many questions as well . . . and very important ones. So I thought: “Instead of writing longer about this issue, and considering I cannot improve it, I am going to copy literally a part of this article”.

Here it is. It belongs to the “Los Angeles Times” newspaper, the author is @Nick_Goldberg. I put in quotes and italics the questions he wrote:

“”Where were these fearless rebels during the eight weeks after the election when the president was desperately trying to subvert the results?“

”Where were they a year ago when Trump was impeached for extorting a personal political favor from Ukraine’s president?

“”Where were they when the president separated immigrant children from their parents and when he praised the Nazis who marched in Charlottesville?

“”Where were they during the whole dangerous, un-American, anti-democratic tenure of the worst president in modern American history?””

My humble opinion: They were there, where they are now; but before, they had hopes of retaining power and their place in the elections, and now all is lost. Now they can talk, because they no longer risk anything and know well the situation has been dangerous for them.

So, do you think we have leaders who have deep beliefs and principles? You, my dear readers, can give them whatever adjectives you like.

I don’t know whether I am too rigid in my thoughts, but it is the strategy I have followed in my personal life and am happy with it. Applying it to the national and international levels, I firmly believe it is a grave error for a people who aspire to have a healthy democracy to negotiate, reach agreements or make concessions with politicians who start attacking the institutions and who are not showing full respect for the laws of the country and the democratic process.

All the dictators of the world have undertaken their personal crusade against any state organization could check or stop them. Trump tried quite often the same thing: remove counterbalances and controls could check his actions as President and bring forth what he is doing. It is obvious why he disliked CIA and FBI.

Didn’t anyone notice Trump’s attacks on institutions could judge him or restrict his power? I am sure all members of the Republican Party understood that reality, but they preferred to let it go and move on. They are responsible for the deterioration of the national political situation until it reached the negative -I would say toxic- level it is now. And we will see how much more dirt is found in the investigations are being carried out after Congress Hill assault, because every day we read news about more illegal activities in the days before and during Jan 6th.

I suppose the new Attorney General will have a lot of work when delving into many government leaders’ disgusting behavior during Trump’s Presidency to find out who prevaricated. Moreover, I believe a good example should be set by suspending and taking to court all those who followed, out of personal interest, the President’s unconstitutional demands.

In closing, I would like to give a personal compliment to someone I consider a true professional and patriot — Christopher Krebs, former Director of the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (For the record, I never met him, nor am I part of his family, or anything similar.)

See if Mr. Krebs did his job well. When Trump realized no one had been able to illegally tamper with the machines that receive and count votes, thanks to the professionalism of this gentleman, he dismissed him with a bang, as if it were a crime. Precisely one day before his dismissal, Chris Krebs had commented it was impossible for those machines to have had foreign interference and the elections had been the safest in history.

Did the President expect anything illegal with the machines? Did he mind this great professional avoided any kind of foreign attack? Why? Did Krebs do anything wrong by wanting to have the safest elections in history for our country?

I am pasting Mr. Krebs’ statements, also in quotes and italics, because I think they are excellent:

“”There is an opportunity here, I think, to prevent further bloodshed,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “And I don’t know if the president is capable of doing it, but he has to resign. He has to tell his supporters that he lied to them, that this was all his own fraud. He has to come out. We have to set an example for the rest of the free world that attempted coups, which is what this was, will not be tolerated.”” Later he tweeted, “He has to resign.”

I am sure after January 20th we will live much more peacefully, but Americans shouldn’t forget one day in January 2021, a populist with his family and friends watched the Congress assault from a tent — see the video in Facebook, if available — , attacking our freedom, our democracy and everything righteous and honorable have ruled us for 245 years.

Remember !!



Bilingual English-Spanish Teacher, Content Writer, Translator, and Proofreader. Solopreneur. louisa.free@outlook.com

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Louisa Oliveros

Bilingual English-Spanish Teacher, Content Writer, Translator, and Proofreader. Solopreneur. louisa.free@outlook.com