The Abortion Rights Issue

Louisa Oliveros
6 min readMay 13, 2022

Women in America have the right to choose what they want with their bodies.

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The abortion issue is giving me a stomachache. Having lived in Europe for 30 years, I remember this being debated 20 years ago over there, when I was working and going to college, and all this fuss about wanting to overturn laws have already been in place for years by super-conservative judges is giving me a headache.

Please stop men trying to legislate the female body. We women are not minors to be told what to do, let alone what to believe.

Today I read what Kamala Harris, then a Senator, said to Bret Kavanaugh when he was appointed a Supreme Court Justice, “Do you know of any laws regulating the male body?”, to which the judge replied he did not recall any. Great, but by all indications, he would kill the law would allow any woman to have an abortion.

They are trying to impose their religious ideas on us, their outdated and ancient religious ideas. In a country like America, a minority is trying to implement their views about abortion on all women. If it were not for the fact, we know beforehand there are ulterior motives have nothing to do with abortion, maybe we could believe it; but I cannot.

I am sure any of those old fogeys, stuck in the last century, would give money to their daughter, or send her out of the USA, if due to inexperience she got pregnant. But when it comes to another person, especially African American or Latina, ah, then no, abortion is against God. Of course, against the God they have in their heads, who like them, more than a God of love, opportunities, and free will, is a kind of hysterical dictator who hits persons with his law everybody must obeyed.


The Abortion Law must exist, to give women the right to choose what they want at a given moment, and if they are wrong, and as the old men say God has another opinion, then she will pay for her wrong idea, but that . . . gentlemen, leave it to God, because God Father-Mother doesn’t need you to enforce the Cosmic Law. But, no, no, they feel they are the spokesmen of the Divine Will. Very well, and do we have to believe this?

One of the first countries to authorize abortion was England, because I remember girls who made a “mistake” from the…

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