Life Is a Perfect Plan.

Louisa Oliveros
5 min readAug 14, 2022

We are not here by chance.

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Changes, changes. Embrace change. First, they break routines we have already developed, which in the long run create habits (not always healthy) difficult to eliminate. On the other hand, those changes are going to happen whether we like it or not, whenever we need to leave everything behind and start a new path of evolution. Life pushes us to that.

Everything in this story are thoughts about life and spirituality I have learned in esoteric books and practice for many years.

At this very moment, I recognize I am in the middle of all these ideas. I know my life is going to change for the better, but there are still things in the air not yet manifested in the physical realm. I reflect, meditate, use my intuition, my logical reasoning, insight, wisdom, etc., but eventually I ought to go on waiting for the Universe “green light”.

Changes, changes. I don’t resist change. I am too used to leaving behind my country, my city, my home, and everything else — donating, giving away, throwing away. If I have a fixed place to get to, then I send something by UPS or Fed. However, most of the time, I leave everything behind, because you can’t carry more than 20 kgs on airplanes. Besides, you must let go of material ties to renew your spirit.

Changes, changes. The stages preceding radical alterations of course are usually very confusing. There are several parallel paths, or so we think; but in the end some doors close and there is only one path to tread. Therefore, we must be very attentive and not be hasty in making decisions. What God the Father-Mother wants for us, our Divine Plan, will arrive silently, but every day it will be more obvious.

In this stage of changes, I want to do many things, but, in the end, I do not focus on any of them as I should. Moreover, I take any path is offered to me as a possibility. Inexorably, in the end what is not true will fall by the wayside, and what is true will remain.

I love those stages in which everything is already clear to me. The change of country, city, job, place to live, food, friends, etc., has already taken place and I know beyond doubt what I am going to do and why I am where I am; then, I focus totally and go ahead. I have in front of me stairs to climb and surely, I…

Louisa Oliveros

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