History — Mid-Term Assignment. October 25th, 2022.

Louisa Oliveros
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I told you I had come back to the University, didn’t I? This is the reason I have no time to write my articles or stories. I pass many hours in the library doing my homework and assignments.

I have many assignments to publish, but I need to check them before publishing, so I will do it in Christmas holidays. If I do something personal, then I go behind schedule and need extra time in the library. Thanks God today is Saturday and still I have some time for me.

What I am publishing now is my Mid-Term Assignment in History. We have many documents to be read, and our teacher left us free to select two and contrast them according to our own understanding.

So, these are the two primary source documents. You can find them in Internet if you wish to read them complete.

1. “Reconstruction”. Frederick Douglass Speech on “Remembering the Civil War”, 1878”. And,

2. “Jim Crow”. William Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folks,” Chap 1: Of Our Spiritual Strivings.

I have selected the two texts mentioned above, because both were written by two black men, magnificent intellectuals, which debunks the myth one race is superior to another. They were intelligent men who developed to the maximum and to whom many of any other race, did not even reach their ankle in wisdom and knowledge.

One of them, Frederick Douglass, (1818–1895), was born and lived as a slave, and became a reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman, all without any recognized formal education. He was even Federal Marshal.

When he was a child, his Mistress in a fit of kindness, taught him almost all the letters so that he could read and write. However, the Master one day told his wife to stop that, because slaves should be illiterate and yearn for nothing but obedience and work.

Despite his young age, Frederick knew he was being deprived of something important and continued learning to read and write on his own, asking occasional questions of the white children with whom he played from time to time, regarding the sound of certain letters.

When as an adult he escaped to the North and felt “free”, he founded his own newspaper and began to write in favor of…

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