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Louisa Oliveros
17 min readJul 22, 2020

The Upcoming New Civilization

Photo by James Beheshti on Unsplash

The Western Civilization finished a long time ago, after a great geological movement, precisely when time was reset and a new cycle started. It had happened before. When a civilization and its races reached a point they couldn’t advance any further, a mutation was produced among its most spiritually developed people, giving birth to a new Mankind, whose physical, psychological and mental characteristics meant a huge evolutionary leap.

Mankind lost memory of the first and second cycles, whose people vanished forever. However, the remainders of the third and fourth race and its civilizations were visible for many centuries, though now only a little is left. The best known were Lemuria, and later on Atlantis. The last one disappeared from the face of the Earth when a new mankind began where there was a beautiful sea inside Asia, but after the sinking it dried up and was called the Gobi Desert.

A new period started, which is called the Western Cycle or the Fifth Race Cycle in the History books, because that civilization spread always to the West, and the Earth also rotated in that direction. During the Atlantean Cycle its rotation was towards East. Atlantis remainders were not brought to light from the Atlantic Ocean bottom till the end of the Western period -that is, when technology allowed to do it -, given that vast areas of the big city had already been photographed.

Therefore it is not a surprise to us, when we can look backwards and read the Earth’s etheric records. Earth is called now Gaia. Our planet is a live being, and as such has organs and biological cycles, and when this is altered because its cells want to do their will, a reproduction of negative elements is generated, which leads the organism to death. However, a planet does not let itself easily be intimidated for its inhabitants, because it has all the necessary elements to discipline its “humans cells” and force them to go back to the right way, and so as to heal its “cancer”.

Gaia was recovering gradually and slowly from the sickness human beings had been causing her, until one day, after some very serious warnings -virus and new sicknesses-, she didn’t stand any more and forced Mankind to align itself with what the Cosmic Law demanded for that very moment, dissolving everything they had…

Louisa Oliveros

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