A Message from the Great Masters Who Are Helping Us.

Louisa Oliveros
6 min readMay 27, 2022

They are taking care of us, in this difficult stage of profound changes.

Holy Man Meditating — The Seven Chakras. Unsplash.

We, human beings, are not alone.

A few days ago, I received a message from an esoteric-occultist group in which I have been for many years. It was a message the Masters give from time to time through their Channel, and they inform us of how things are in the world. They also give us didactic and auditory material to prepare us spiritually to face the problems are happening or are going to happen on this planet.

I do not want to give the name of the group, because I have no interest in appearing to be doing propaganda. I am also in other spiritual groups, and as all of them have taught me something inside, I have learned a lot and from different points of view, I think it is right not to mention them. I also have a lot of books from all these groups have given me so much wisdom.

Besides, each person has his spiritual path, and when it comes to his life, the subconscious reacts without anyone telling him. Father-Mother God knows very well how to make his children enter the right instruction and be in the right place . . . at least at that moment. When we have learned what we had to know and experience, then the next chapter will open with a cosmic precision.

What I want to convey is the instruction we have received this week, which I think is wonderful. I plan to read one book a week and write a story about it as a synthesis or a review, so that I communicate what is most important. I am sure out there will be people very interested in esoteric-occultist wisdom for the improvement of this planet, and we can stop disturbing Mother Earth — Gaia — by changing our negative attitudes, especially in the horrible politicians exist in this world, who only think of power and money, and are the cause of many evils in this beautiful common home is our planet.

Rejoice! The Masters do not speak the end of the world is coming and humanity will disappear. Absolutely not. They do mention the removal of many people is inevitable in order to clean up the ecosystem, which we have so foully polluted. And the contamination is not only physical, but also psychological and mental.



Louisa Oliveros

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