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Bilingual. English and Spanish Teacher, Academic Writer, Translator, Proofreader & Content Writer in both languages. Solopreneur.

How to cure or cleanse the digestive system.

Photo by Nia Ramirez on Unsplash

To begin with, we are going to mention the most common ailments affect the functioning of the digestive system, which many people have on a daily basis and which are not considered serious, but if they are not treated with plants and herbs, they can eventually degenerate into something more serious, and then require surgery or an aggressive treatment and, therefore, way too dangerous to the health.

These ailments are: heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, inflammation, pain or nausea. If these problems occur very frequently, and also with generalized discomfort, the right thing to…

How to cure our gallbladder and liver.

Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

The gallbladder is a small organ that houses bile, digests fats and serves as an ally of the liver, being located below it — on the right side of our body. It is operable and can be removed; that is, it is not a vital organ.

The liver is a relatively large organ, located in the upper right part of the abdomen, below the diaphragm. It secretes the bile essential for fat digestion; it also has many other functions, including protein synthesis, vitamin and glycogen storage. Another function is detoxification — it removes…

How to cure the respiratory system.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

One of my maternal aunts could not bear to have caught a cold, and had a horrible habit of cutting it off — she thought so. That is, as soon as she noticed she had a cold, she would start taking aspirin or any other analgesic or painkiller she could get her hands on. That made her believe the cold was gone; or at least, it was not going to bother her and she could sleep well or lead a more or less normal life.

What was the result of this unfortunate habit of…

Beneficial plants for the kidneys.

Photo by Charu Jain on Unsplash

I used to write once a week, or at most every 15 days. Now, I don’t; but it is not for lack of inspiration or topics to cover, but rather lack of time. This is a stage where I have so many things around me that I am out of my comfort zone. And what’s worse: I have no idea where the new circumstances appearing in my professional life may lead me.

So I have no choice but to keep walking and solve the situations on my way, until I see clearly where I am…

Our health is in Nature.

There are packed natural products, but also herbs in bulk — Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

Throughout my stories, it is easy to realize there are things in my life that have shaped my way of being and my existence without a doubt.

Besides being bi-national by birth and bilingual, I lived my childhood and youth straddling two cities and two nations. This provided me with an almost unhealthy curiosity to know all of Europe and to study its History in depth, which gave me a deep knowledge of the transit of Humanity through this planet and how our western civilization was formed and advanced. …

What some esoteric books say.

Books, books, with Wisdom. Photo by Charl Folscher on Unsplash

I was reading the news on the Internet, passing pictures with appealing written headlines, I guess to incite people to read the whole article as well.

My attention was drawn to a photo of a group of people on the steps of the Supreme Court building, almost all women, with written messages and in an attitude of open protest or assertion. What attracted me most was a banner saying: “Take care of your own uterus”. …

We are a miniature Universe.

Photo by Zach Plank on Unsplash

Today I received a story from a writer friend of mine from Belgrade, Serbia, and she talks about the need to live today as something magical, because even when we overcome a difficult stage of our life, in the end we remember with nostalgia that past time. This does not mean we would like to go back to it, but we appreciate with love what we learned and realize the importance of that episode.

Despite appearances, the world is rapidly accepting what was once the secret or hidden knowledge, the Ageless Wisdom, for at this…

The power of people acting together is absolutely invincible.

We can pray in any place. The more people, the better. Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Though I will start with historical events, this story is not about History, but how people acting together can defeat any obstacle in this world. There are plenty of instances, yet I will mention only two.

When Rome suffered the most disastrous military defeat in its history at Cannas, 216 B.C., inflicted by the Carthaginians, the whole known world considered it a great humiliation for the emerging power, and there was no lack of those who thought it would no longer raise its head and was finished as a first-rate city…

Although some people think otherwise, the spirituality of Humanity is now much higher.

The unknown Universe — Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

After writing about various topics, I have decided to comment about what meta-physicists or metaphysicians call “the Reality”; that is, the eternal beliefs to live a spiritual life, which does not create problems and makes us happy. I have been in the esoteric world for many years and have accumulated enough knowledge to be able to transmit it.

How to begin?

For centuries, deep, authentic spiritual knowledge was in the Mystery Schools and other occult groups or secret societies, where only those whose spiritual level was much…

Flying one way and crossing half Europe by train on the way back.

Saint Petersburg, Russia — Photo by Radik Sitdikov on Unsplash

Someone on Medium has asked me to write about my many travels in Europe. It had never occurred to me -it is something I hold in my heart as a gift from God- as I don’t usually take pictures when I travel, because I feel they are personal experiences, very intimate, and therefore difficult to share.

Each person sees life in a different way, and a city or country is unalike for two people, even if what is being seen or experienced is the same. We believe…

Louisa Oliveros

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